Patient Information - FAQs


What is an LTAC?
LTAC stands for Long Term Acute Care hospital. Licensed as an acute care hospital, an LTAC provides care for those medically complex patients requiring an extended hospitalization.

Is Vibra a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)?
No, Vibra is a specialty hospital licensed by the state.

How often does the doctor see the patients?
At Vibra Specialty Hospital daily physician oversight and intervention is the distinguishing factor of an acute care hospital.

What are the visiting hours?
Hospital visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm seven days a week. However, should special arrangements be necessary, approval can be obtained from the hospital administrative staff or nursing supervisor.

Can my family member stay overnight?
We realize family members are an integral part of the healing process. We try to help families find accommodations to meet their needs. We will work with each individual situation as needed, based on the patient's needs.

Can I leave the hospital during my stay?
As a patient at Vibra Specialty Hospital, you are not supposed to leave the hospital; however there could be times when you may need to be transported to another facility for procedures or other treatments that are not performed at Vibra.

Can my family see the facility before making a decision?
We encourage and welcome you to tour our hospital. There are a lot of questions at a time like this and our expert staff is available to answer all of your questions. Please call 214.638.1500 to arrange a visit.

How long will my stay be at Vibra Specialty Hospital?
Many factors determine how long a patient will require acute hospital care and medical necessity determines when the patient is ready for discharge. The average stay at Vibra is approximately 25 days depending on diagnosis, acuity level, and progress made during your stay at Vibra.

What is your nurse to patient ratio?
Staffing is based on the acuity and needs of our patients.

Will I continue to get Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy in your facility?
Yes, you will continue to receive therapy from our highly trained therapists. We assess each patient individually to determine his or her specific needs and goals. Vibra Specialty Hospital's expert team of physical, occupational and speech therapists will meet with the patient and family to tailor the therapy to meet the needs of each individual patient and situation.

Can I go home when I leave Vibra?
Each patient has different clinical needs upon discharge from the LTAC setting. Our goal is to discharge patients to the best setting to meet their current needs. Each individual is assessed and together with your care team and case manager/social worker the options are discussed with the patient and their family. Prior to leaving Vibra, you will receive education as to what the next steps are.

My family lives out of town. Are there any resources for them while they are here visiting me?
Vibra has negotiated reduced rates with a variety of lodging options close to the hospital. Please ask your clinical liaison or case manager for more information